How do I use my Produce Pod?

For best results, store produce that is clean and dry.

1. Dampen the inner bag. Run it under the tap, then wring out the excess water.

2. Put the inner bag inside the outer bag. Then put your produce inside, close both bags and put the Pod in any part of your fridge.

3. Re-dampen the inner bag before it dries out, about once per week.

View a video demonstration of how to use a Produce Pod here.

How much should I wring out the inner bag?

Wring it out thoroughly, so that you won't have any water dripping out of the inner bag onto your veggies.

How often should I re-dampen the inner bag?

It should be kept damp, so see how it feels and use your judgement. You would normally need to re-dampen approximately once per week. When your Pod is new, you may need to re-dampen a more often, because the cotton becomes more absorbent each time you wash it.

For best results, store veggies that are BONE DRY

The drier your veggies, the longer they will last!

Should I wash my veggies before storage?

You can store washed or unwashed veggies in your Produce Pod. But the most important thing for the longevity of your veggies is that they are dry. The drier your veggies, the longer they will last!

Washing your veggies before storage is beneficial, and will help them to last longer, if you can dry them thoroughly.

Some things are very hard to dry thoroughly. For example, a bag of baby spinach or a head of broccoli. If you can commit to leaving them out on the bench for a few hours to air dry, by all means wash them and dry them thoroughly before storage. But if you are not going to dry them fully after washing, you will be better off storing them unwashed.

Other veggies like cucumbers or capsicum are easy to dry and there is no reason not to wash them!


Should I put the Produce Pod in the crisper of my fridge?

You can, but you don’t have to. You can put your Produce Pod in any part of your fridge.

Can I put all different types of produce in the same Pod?




How do I clean my Produce Pod?

Wash the inner and outer bags once per week, inside out, in a 60C machine cycle with a full dose of detergent. Ensure your Pods are thoroughly dried before dampening the inner bag and putting them back in your fridge.

A machine wash is ideal as it is more thorough than a hand wash. However, if you need to hand wash your Pods, use hot water and a full dose of detergent. Give the inner bag a scrub. Again, ensure your Pods are thoroughly dried before dampening the inner bag and putting them back in your fridge.

Outer bag: Do not wash at higher than 60C. Line dry.

Inner bag: Can withstand high temperatures. Line or tumble dry.

What if my Pod gets mould on it?

To prevent mould, make sure you wash your Pods thoroughly and regularly. Consider the following factors:

  • Wash weekly
  • A machine wash is better than hand washing
  • Use hot water at 60C
  • Use a full dose of detergent
  • Ensure your Pods are thoroughly dried

Remember that onions and garlic are not suitable for your Pods as they tend to carry lots of mould spores under their skin. It is generally recommended to keep them outside the fridge anyway, but if you do need to keep them in the fridge, don’t put them in your Pod!

If you do find some mould on your Pod, make sure to treat it as mould is a health hazard. There are three options to kill mould spores:

  1. Inner bag only: 90C machine wash with a full dose of detergent
  2. Inner bag only: short soak in boiling water
  3. Suitable for inner and outer bags: wash with chlorine bleach, then do an extra rinse cycle

Are there any veggies I should not put in my Produce Pod?

The vast majority of veggies are suitable for your Produce Pod, with a handful of exceptions.

Onions and garlic - Should be kept in a cool, dark, well ventilated place outside the fridge such as an open weave basket in the pantry. They are not suitable for your Produce Pod because they tend to carry mould spores which can thrive in a damp Pod and spread to your other veggies. If you do want to keep them in the fridge, don't put them in your Produce Pod!

Mushrooms and ripe avocados - Should not be put in a damp Pod with your other veggies. You can keep them separately to other veggies in a Produce Pod with a dry inner bag.

Basil - Is best kept out of the fridge with the stems in water like a bunch of flowers, as the leaves turn black when kept in the fridge due to the cold temperature. If you do want to keep your basil in the fridge, it will still go better in the Produce Pod than in a plastic bag.

    About the Pods

    How does the Produce Pod work?

    The inner layer keeps your veggies hydrated. The outer layer prevents the inner layer from drying out too quickly. Both layers are breathable, which means your veggies won't suffocate like they do in a sealed bag or container. Moisture is able to escape at a slow rate, which means condensation doesn't build-up so fast, plus you don't have to re-dampen the inner bag very often.

    What is the Produce Pod made from?

    The Produce Pod has an inner bag and an outer bag. The inner bag is 100% cotton. The outer bag is made from recycled plastic bottles (RPET) with a thin laminate coating added to make it water resistant (PUL).

    Where is the Produce Pod made?

    The Produce Pod is made in China. Owned and designed in Sydney, Australia.

    Store policies

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