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Produce Pod - reusable veggie bag for fridge - Rhubarb

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Introducing Produce Pod – the game-changer in veggie freshness! Tired of wilted greens and constant fridge Tetris? Say hello to weeks of crisp, happy veggies with Produce Pod! It’s the reusable veggie bag for the fridge that you’ve always needed.

Our revolutionary dual-layer design features a damp cotton interior to keep veggies hydrated, while the breathable outer layer prevents premature drying. No more condensation nightmares – just pure freshness that lasts.

Transform your kitchen into a produce paradise with Produce Pod – where veggies stay fresh for weeks! Join the crusade against food waste and elevate your kitchen experience. It's time to make your fridge a Produce Pod haven – convenience, sustainability, and a dash of joy in every pod. Say goodbye to waste, and hello to Produce Pod magic!

“Best thing I have purchased. True to their word, these Pods keep my Produce fresh for SO LONG.” Tracey

Our customers LOVE the Produce Pod and we are sure that you will too! But in the event that you don’t, we have a 6-week money back guarantee.

Patent pending.

How to use

The Produce Pod has an inner bag and an outer bag.

1. Dampen the inner bag by running it under the tap, then wring out the excess water.

2. Put the inner bag inside the outer bag. Then put your produce inside, close both bags and put the Pod in any part of your fridge.

3. Re-dampen the inner bag whenever it starts to dry out, approximately once per week.

*Before first use, wash the inner bag to increase absorbency.


Inner bag: 100% cotton

Outer bag: Made from recycled plastic bottles with a thin laminate coating added to make it water resistant (RPET PUL).


length 26cm, height 15cm, depth 15cm

Care Instructions

Wash the inner and outer bags once per week, inside out, in a 60C machine cycle with a full dose of detergent. Ensure your Pods are thoroughly dried before putting them back in your fridge.

A machine wash is ideal as it is more thorough than a hand wash. However, if you need to hand wash your Pods, use hot water and a full dose of detergent. Give the inner bag a scrub. Again, ensure your Pods are thoroughly dried before putting them back in your fridge. 

Outer bag: Do not wash at higher than 60C. Line dry.

Inner bag: Can withstand high temperatures. Line or tumble dry.


Please note that the actual colour may vary from what you see on your screen due to your device's screen settings and other factors.

Please also note that the rainforest artworks are sizeable and pattern placement is random. This means you may or may not get the same parts of the artwork that you see on the displayed Pod.


If you try out your Produce Pod and it doesn't work as well as you'd hoped, you can return it within 6 weeks of purchase for a full refund (excluding shipping), no questions asked.

If it's in used condition, no problem! The whole point of our returns policy is to allow you to try out your Produce Pod. The process for returns is available here.


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We use satchels made of 100% recycled plastic.

Customer Reviews

Based on 116 reviews
Roslyn Mcilwain
Good Product

I’ve had my pods for a couple weeks , initially for caravan for space saving. Tried at home before we went away & seem to keep veges fresh.

Melissa Burcher
Produce pod

I have had cucumbers in my pod for 2 weeks now and they are still crisp. I will be ordering more of these they are brilliant

Margaret Megarry
Blown away

I recently purchased four of your pods and gave two away as gifts to my travelling buddies.. I am just home from four weeks on the road to outback Qland for the Birdsville bash so fresh produce was my major concern. The broccoli I took and didn’t get around to eating cause we had so many other fresh vegetables to consume is still as good as the day I bought it four weeks ago.. we were still eating our fresh parsley and coriander after 3 weeks too.. .. a fabulous find and good luck with your home grown business. I am blown away at how great and well made this product is

Roslyn Price

Love this little gem. Will definitely be buying more for presents.

Kerrie Murphy
These are seriously amazing!

Since using these awesome bags I haven't thrown anything out, even a bunch of bok choy is as fresh as when it was first picked after a week! Lettuce lasts 2 weeks. Do yourself a favour and support this amazing little business :)

  • Reusable

  • Machine washable

  • Recycled materials

  • Proudly Australian owned

  • Money back guarantee